June ‘03 Puerto Rico Trip


Here is a selection of pictures we took in Puerto Rico.

(Pictures are in chronological order.)


Rosselyn and Jeffrey in the plane on the way!



Ponce Pictures.


We arrive at the Hilton Resort late at night.


Jeffrey in the Hilton room enjoying fine Puerto Rican cuisine.


Jeffrey at the really nice breakfast in the morning.


The view of our room from the back


The view from our room at the Hilton.


Jeffrey at the playground at the Hilton.


On a hill at the Hilton.


At Titi Juanie’s house.

All the Mommies with their babies.

(L to R) Odette, Edgardo, Jeffrey, Rosselyn, Sharon, and Steven.


Monka Nesty and Jeffrey.

He wasn’t expecting the picture. J


At Abuelo Nestor and Abuelo Melba’s house.


Titi Karin and Jeffrey.


Finally, a day at the beach.


Some of the family at the beach with us.


Titi Karin plays soccer with Jeffrey.


Titi Karin gets tired, so Monka Nesty takes over.


All three of us at the beach.


Momma and her blue dress.


On the way to San Juan Pictures.


Lots of mountains in Puerto Rico.


Lots of toll booths too.

It costs about 5 bucks to drive from Ponce to San Juan.


The coastline on the way.



San Juan Pictures.


The view from our room at the Embassy Suites in San Juan.


One of the waterfalls in the Embassy Suites.


Looking at the back window of our room.


View at Jolymn’s and Leighton’s apt. in San Juan.


Driving is fun in Puerto Rico.


The view is nice too.


Our visit to El Morro in San Juan.


Looking at the front of El Morro.


Looking back the other way.


The side of El Morro.

It is about a 40 foot drop from where I am standing.

The winds are also about 20mph there.

This was quite a fun picture to get.


Standing on top looking back at the cemetery.

This is the cemetery in the film “Assasins”.


A cruise ship comes into the harbor while we were there.


Flags at El Morro.


Out front of it.


Bye El Morro!



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