CAF B-24 Liberator Flight

October 22, 2011CAF B-24 Liberator Flight 2010

The CAF brought the B-29 and B-24 to Austin for a couple of days. We decided to check them out and take a ride. Below are some pictures and videos on YouTube.

The B-29 "Fifi". Jeffrey approves of Fifi.

Both of us with our boarding passes for the B-24.

Next to one of Fifi's new engines names "Rita".
When each engine runs you about $300K, you have every right to name each one.

Rossy at the tail of Fifi.

In Fifi's bomb bay to head up to the cockpit.

In side Fifi's cockpit. Jeffrey will handle radio communications.

Rossy tells us where to go

They also had a PV-2 Neptune there, converted to fire bombing duty for the Texas wildfires.

We happened to be there when a pair of US Marine CH-46 Sea Knights taxiied out and took off.

Our ride, the B-24 Liberator.

Jeffrey at the nose of our ride, the B-24 known as "Ol' 927".
Us older people know her as "Diamond Lil".

Jeffrey at the tail of Ol' 927.
The tail is open with a single M2 .50 caliber machine gun, also known as a "Ma Duece".

Rossy goes to check out our ride before giving final approval.

Rossy's approves. The pre-flight briefing can proceed.
They say the plane is 70 years old, but in good shape. They don't expect us to crash. Yay!

Time to load up. Notice the guy in front of Jeffrey already forgot they said "watch your head".

The view from my seat in the bomb bay. Rossy is already filming us for NTSA evidence.

We taxi out.

They send a fire truck to follow us in case we catch fire.

Off we go!

Jeffrey mans the tail gun to watch for German fighters.
Only thing keeping him from falling out the open back is that gun, and the swing he's sitting in.

No fighters in the back, so he moves to the right waister gunner's position.

About 6,000 feet down is Lake Travis

Lake Travis over the wing of the B-24.

No fighters anywhere, so Jeffrey heads to the cockpit to instruct them to find some.

Then I head up there to tell them I'd rather not get shot down today.

Back to the airport, the view from my seat.

View of the approach from Rossy's seat.

Jeffrey approves of the flight.


Take Off
Lake Travis
Gunner Jeffrey
Taxi Back