A few pictures from around the house.

These pictures are rather large, please be patient.


Well, these are not from around the house actually…


…these are the pro pictures he had made up awhile back.





Monka Nesty and Ti-Tah-The leaving back to Puerto Rico.


Jeffrey’s favorite toy at the mall.

We should buy one, I think it would be cheaper that way.


(in a Beavis voice): “Are you threatening me!??!”


One of the few times he is clean.


“Time to go and make the donuts.”

“Make sure to bring back several dozen for me.”


Belly button exploration.


“Just let me touch it…just once…”


“What is this a picture of…there is nothing here…”


“..except for the ninja-boy.”


It lies in wait…


..and then strikes when you walk by with cookies!


And we close out with a smile.


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