Upstairs Recessed Lighting

December 2008Time for some new lighting.

Our upstairs loft area and master bedroom has terrible lighting, and since I had a couple weeks off from work, it was time to do something about it.

Master Bedroom is rather big, but only has three lightings on the ceiling fan in the center.

We are going to fix it with six recessed air tight 6inch cans.
Holes drilled and some of the lights installed.

Jeffrey installing the gaskets on the air tight baffles.

Lights installed, and light kit removed from the fan to give a cleaner look.
Fan is controlled by a 3-speed fan switch in the wall, while the lights are on a seperate dimmer switch.

The loft area had a single light on the ceiling fan. This room received four of the same type lights.
We also removed the light kit from the fan and installed a 3-speed fan switch in the wall.