Seattle Trip 2010

June 30, 2010Seattle Trip 2010

Seattle was our summer trip for this year. Weather was unseasonably nice and we saw a great number of places and things. Took over 1500 pictures in 5 days, but I've condensed the trip down to 50 or so. Enjoy!

Seattle has big trees.

Rossy likes big trees.

Seattle also has very big ships.

And familiar looking birds.

And very long bridges.

And very big furniture.

We noticed this flag was up all over the place, but we were not quite sure why at the time.

We then realized we were downtown during the big gay parade. It was quite a show. Paraders tired afterwards.

We went to the Museum of Flight

Rossy got to see very big aircraft. This is a B-47.

Jeffrey sitting in an SR-71.

We had a chance to get in a flight simulator where Jeffrey showed off his mad skills.

The museum works hard for authentic restorations.

Indeed it is.

Off to board the Concorde. Ciao!

Underneath the 747 prototype. It is also a very large aircraft.

Takes some air under you to be able to touch it.

Boarding the original Airforce One.

As we were leaving, a B-17 and B-24 flew into Boeing field. It is very cool to see such aircraft still flying. I haven't seen it since I was a kid and the CAF was still in Harlingen.

Later on we ate at the Crabpot in the Pier district.

The feast arrives. Crab, clams, mussels, shrimp, along with sausage, corn, and potatoes.

Jeffrey discovers he doesn't like clams.

On saturday, there was a famer's market at the park next to the hotel. All kinds of really tasty items like cherries and strawberries.

We also checked out the Space Needle.

Hanging out 500 feet up on top.

View of downtown from up top.

Outside of the Seattle Aquarium.

In the underwater dome of the aquarium.

They say it is an aquarium, and there are birds and fish there...

...but there's more aliens than fish there.

The sign said "Giant Octopus", but looks like an alien.

There were glowing aliens too. I think these glowed when they tried to phone home.

They let you touch the aliens too.

But some you just shouldn't touch.

And some you really want to touch.

On our final full day there, we went to the Sunrise area on Mt. Rainier.

On the way there, we went past the Muckleshoot Indian reservation. The entire area was really run down besides the casino.

Entering the park. Ironically, we didn't plan to enter the park at this point.

But when you are near nature, it calls frequently, and sometimes you have to change your plans.

The road leading up to the top of Sunrise is beautiful.

Halfway to the top is a scenic area that is just insanely gorgeous.

Another view from the same scenic rest area.

Approaching the top at 6100 feet up, there's a lodge and Ranger Station/Gift Shop. Both were still closed for the season at this point, opening July 3rd.

Hanging out on a couple feet of snow. Strange enough, it was 65 degrees and really warm out. No wind at all up there.

Eating some clean snow. The snow was several feet deep still even this late in the year.

Playing a bit in the snow.

Lots of wildlife at the top. They had furry rats with racing stripes, but they called them chipmunks.

And really pretty blue birds.

There were also really big ants that far up.

Sitting next to a snowmelt river and just relaxing.

The view of the mountain from the plane heading home.