Jeffrey's First Birthday

These are the pics from the birthday party, and a few taken a few days later.


Grandpa's present

Gets some help from Grandpa

The Birthday table and dishes, and the morning cake in the upper right.

Sugar Freak

Always a smile for the camera...

Ready for the next party that evening

Jeffrey's Birtday cards

Jeffrey's new trike

It tooks Beau and I 30 minutes to blow that thing up, and Jeffrey 5 minutes to get bored of it.

"Happy Birtday to you..."
"Feliz Cumpleanos para ti...."
(Darrell, watch out for the sun, wear a cap :) )

The OTHER birthday cake....Before Beau put his butt on one side of it...
(the blue icing was a definite stainer)

Ready for the mess....


"Oh wait..a camera..gotta smile" :)

Group Pictures

Da Boyz...and the hair...

The extended family...Godfather Erik and (second Godmother by relationship?) Stephanie
We must congradulate Stephanie, she managed to make it through in a house full of wierd strangers,
and she still managed to have a smile at the end of the night.

Aftet the party...all worn out.

Pictures from around the house a few Days Later

Ready to eat, but got to smile for the camera first

He is learning to feed himself....Rossy is learning to clean up the messes faster....

Jeffrey and his popper...

Why are all the good toys always at the bottom?

He had more fun with the box than the TV

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