Galveston 2007

August 8, 2007Galveston 2007

A few weeks ago we decided to take a quick vacation to Galveston for a few days to relax and check out things out. Here's a few pictures from our trip.

First we went to Moody Gardens with Beau!

"Oh hell!"

Moody Gardens is made up of big pyramids for each of the exhibits.

This is the aquarium pyramid.

They have lots of things in it, like these fish.

And these things.

Pretty Tiger Fish.

Pretty fake landscapes.

Rossy, Beau, and Jeffrey in the shark tunnel.

Velociraptors apparently love Pepsi.

"SOLD OUT?!?!! NOOOOOooooo...."

Inside the rainforest pyramind now. Lots of things here too, like this lazy lizard.

Bunches of pretty parrots.

Back at the hotel now.
Jeffrey sitting on the balconey, contemplating his next plan of action.

A storm blew in later on, and the surf became very rough.

Chilling out on the balconey together.

Pictures from around the hotel. Rossy and Jeffrey by some dolphins.


They had a big waterfall by the hottub that also had a waterslide around it.

Across the street was The Rainforest Cafe. Definitely an interesting place to eat if you have never been.

Every thirty minutes they make the place into a bonfire.

That evening had a beautiful sunset.

A homage to The Titanic as the wind picked up.

Jeffrey approves of the trip. And the Adult Area.