New Pond Project

March 16, 2013New Pond-Spring Break 2013

We have just finished building our new and improved pond. Everyone in the family has enjoyed it so far as well as the fish in it. They have definetely gotten some much needed space after growing to large for the first pond. Some pictures have been posted below in order for you to experience our great success as well as look at my first webpage. Enjoy.

The family's finished product. Pretty good for our first rubber laid pond.

The smaller pond. Served a 5 year time period. What a Veteran!

After many muscle aches and blisters, the lower section was now on the porch with some very confused fish.

Now it was time to start diggin' the bigger hole.

The next morning the father and son awoke to a horrifying sight.

No rain has fallen in texas for several months now, and when we want to do a project we get two inches of rain.

However with a pump and several hours of waiting the father and son were back to digging in no time.

The son finishing his shift o' digging.

After a bit of digging. Yay bigger hole!

Trying to level 25 cinderblocks one at a time can be a challenging task, but not for me.

We put a note inbetween the felt underlayment and the rubber liner for someone to read down the road if they ever tear up this pond.

What did you get for Christmas dad? A skimmer box cover!

We reused the old waterfall from the smaller pond for now.

The first of the 700 gallon water filling process of awesomeness.

Hopefully this little goldfish will live in that pond some day.

Here we are at the same picture again, but it might not be the same picture after you realize the sheer amount of work that went into this.