July 11, 2005The Porch Story

A little story about a family, and their quest to build a porch.

This is the story of a family that bought a new house.

But the house didn't have a back porch.

So the family decided to build one.

But as they started building it, gray storm clouds began to roll in.
And it began to rain. And work on the porch stopped.

And it rained long enough to get everything wet. The family was not happy.
Then the sun came out and made it very hot and very humid.

And work continued on the porch. The family was not happy to be working in the very hot and the very humid.

Then more rain clouds came.

And work stopped on the porch again.

But this time it rained very much.

And the wind blew fiercely trying to knock down the porch.
Fences and trees were knocked down. Roofs were damaged.

But the porch was not.

And work started again the porch while Jeffrey gathered all the toads brought out by the rain.

And then Roger came to the rescue to help roof the porch quickly. And the family was happy Roger was there to help. And more rain clouds moved in. So work on the porch stopped. Again.

And it rained that night again. The family was not happy.

And the next morning there was a break in the rain. So they worked quickly to roof it.

And then it didn't rain anymore for many, many days. But it got very hot.

So work continued on the porch in the heat. And the family decided many ceiling fans were needed under the porch.

So they put up several ceiling fans.

And the porch was done.

And the family was happy. So was the dog.